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Online Store

HomeBrew Porta-Keg Deluxe- By Harvest


Harvest's Own Hombrewer Camping Keg System. Holds two 2.5 gallon corney kegs, or can be adapted for any size keg with a jockey box coil. Designed and hand built by our own expert employees.

The ultimate portable keg system. holds five gallons of brew total in 2 2.5 gallon Corney style kegs. Take your homemade beer or soda anywhere, just cool with ice. The Harvest Porta-Keg has a mounted CO2 bracket and telescoping handle to make it easy to bring your cold on-tap beverages to the great outdoors! 


2.5lb CO2 Tank w/ Regulator

Coleman Brand Travel Cooler

Corney fittings and hoses for 2 taps

2 Perlick Faucets

CO2 hoses and fittings

Faucet Covers

Two Black Tap Handles

Stainless Steel Faucet Rings

2x 2.5 Gallon Corney Kegs

Save $40 by picking up your product at Harvest Store. Call (541) 679-4524 to have it waiting for you!

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