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Online Store

Online Store

Super Deluxe Beer Making Equipment Kit


Includes: John Palmer's "How to Brew", 6 gallon carboy, 5 gallon carboy, 30L fermenting bucket, hydrometer, glass hydrometer test jar, 3 thermometer strips, 3/8" EZ siphon racking cane, 5 ft of 3/8 siphon hose, glass and plastic airlocks, rubber stoppers, floor capper, 144 caps, carboy brush, bottle brush, 3/8" bottle filler, bottle washer, faucet adapter, bucket spigot, 32 Qt brew kettle with valve and screen, 2 cases of bottles, star san sanitizer, 4 ft line brush for cleaning siphon hose, 4 hop socks, 14" by 17" sparging bag with drawstring, funnel, bottle tree, stainless steel spoon and blow off line for overactive ferments.

You may also want to purchase capping alternatives: kegging or swing top bottles.

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